After a pretty stressful property move at Easter 2014 I am finally settled in my new therapy room which has been purposely made to house my counselling practice. With off street parking and easy access I am delighted to have made the decision to move and improve my working area. Now that I am settled I am able to offer more appointment slots allowing me to accommodate all new enquiries.

On a personal note, going through the process of making a decision to move has been a very valuable experience. In the first instance I found myself procrastinating, to-ing and fro-ing between pros and cons even though in my heart I knew it was the right thing. I began making calls and keeping my eyes open for what was a realistic option and then making a commitment and not looking back or changing my mind. I told myself that it was one step at a time and to seek the help I needed and take it. The weeks and months rolled by and I continually sorted out problems as and when they arose and was pro active in keeping in touch with key people.

Once moved, I began organising  and scheduling tradesmen and official organisations as required and soon the work was underway. I am not saying it was a breeze or that at times I was well and truly fed up with it but I never lost sight of what I was trying to achieve.

I thank all those clients who graciously worked with me by having to change appointments, I am grateful for the flexibility they showed. I am delighted to have a wonderful room that I can now share with my clients.

And rest…. (until the next challenge)!

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