What is Counselling

Counselling is a talking therapy which takes place in a safe and confidential setting. It is useful when dealing with life’s changes by helping a person make sense of the way they feel, providing support during the process. A counsellor does not judge, instead they stay with the client whilst they attempt to work out what may initially seem impossible and confusing. In talking openly and freely, in a way that is seldom possible with friends or family, bottled up feelings such as anger, anxiety, grief and embarrassment can be expressed. In counselling, these emotions can be explored giving insight into the true meanings.

By a counsellor actively listening, a sense of perspective can be gained and reflected back to the client helping them to see things more clearly and with clarity. Counselling does not involve giving advice or directing a client to take a particular course of action. With newly gained understanding, a person can develop a greater sense of themselves and feel more confident in progressing from a position of feeling stuck, to a feeling of freedom and choice.

Modern Life

Worry, anxiety, stress and depression are common in today’s society and can make a person’s life feel overwhelming and seem unmanageable. During these difficult times counselling can offer emotional support which may have been compromised through redundancy, retirement, children leaving home, mid-life crisis, bereavement, relationship problems, overcoming addiction, money pressures or debt problems, and more.

Life has a habit of throwing problems and difficulties our way which really we would rather not have. However, at times, there is no avoiding them and we must deal with them head on in order to move forwards into a more calm and peaceful place. Counselling can help you explore many of these difficulties by facing your fears and conquering your struggles. The good news is, you don’t have to do this alone, in fact, it may be impossible to do this on your own. That’s where a genuine approach with empathy could be just what you need. To see how counseling works and what counselling can help with please click here.