Do you put substances into your body in an attempt to manage the way you feel? By substances I mean, alcohol, any form of drugs, food, or do you participate in destructive behaviours that distract you from the way you feel, such as, gambling, sex, love, social networking, video gaming, shopping, spending, debting or self harm? Perhaps you cross addict or have more than one addiction?

Are you the family member or friend of a person with the addiction or addictive behaviours?

With personal experience of addiction and addictive people, as well as experience gained by working in the field of addiction, I am well placed to be able to offer a comprehensive counselling and support service.


If you are thinking of attending the fellowships or are currently attending, maybe you have been through rehab but still feel you need something extra, then get in touch and make an appointment to come and see me. If you are the family member or friend and are not sure how to be or what to do around the addict or addict in recovery then get in touch.

Getting the right support is vital in sustaining successful recovery, so reach out for the help you need.